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South Broward Marine Magnet
Students at Sea: Male
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Description of Program

South Broward High School has received a grant from The American Institute of Marine Studies to provide travel funds for participation aboard research vessels that operate in waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and North Pacific Ocean. These vessels are engaged in the study of biological oceanography and measurements of the full depths of the oceans as well as the lower atmosphere. Activities include marine mammal observations, ichthyoplankton collection, coral reef studies and hydrothermal vent surveys. The trip is scheduled aboard the RONALD H. BROWN, N.O.A.A.'S newest and most sophisticated research vessel. Seven male students have been selected to work with N.O.A.A. scientists studying hydrothermal vents along the Juan de Fuca Ridge 100 miles off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This Student at Sea Program allows participants from South Broward to be a part of the crew on at-sea settings.

Vincent is shown here with some of the equipment that the Students-at-Sea used while out on the Ronald Brown NOAA vessel.



Here is Mr. Davis, Vito Mascelli, Darin Tonks, Jason Chockley, Vincent Russo and Andy Alvarez ; some of the Students-at-Sea participants for 2000.

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