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Suggested Curriculum

AP=Advanced Placement

GIS II Participants:

1.English IV (H, AP)
2.Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC 
3.American Government/ Economics (H, AP)
4.GIS II program (computer science engineering)
6.Elective (Mentorship Program if qualified) 
7.Elective (Mentorship Program if qualified)

GIS I Participants (pass CPT and unweighted GPA 3.0)

1.English IV (H, AP)
2.Math: Pre-Calculus , Calculus AB, Calculus BC(H)
3.American Government/Economics (R, H, AP)
4.Research 3 (GIS) (H, Mg)
5.Research 4 Honors (Marine Affairs) (H, Mg)
6.Elective (Mentorship if qualified)
7.Elective (Mentorship if qualified)

Unweighted GPA less than 3.0

1.English IV  (H, AP)
2.Math: Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC
3.Government/Economics (H, AP)
4.Research 2 (H) (if not already taken)
5.Elective (Mentorship if qualified)
6.Elective (Mentorship if qualified)

The Hurricane House
The Hurricane House located in Deerfield Beach sheds light on hurricane and severe weather conditions in Florida and how to prepare for such horrific events. The house which is built to sustain category 5 hurricane winds from its foundation to its roof is an excellent source for educating students about the dangers of a tropical hurricane. It includes a welcome room with a video that preps everone for the grand tour. Students travel throughout the Hurricane House's many different rooms learning valuable knowledge from its many volunteers and staff.

Students observing different roof structures.

Mentorship Program
Seniors in the Marine Magnet participate in a Mentorship program that allows them to go off campus to intern at various Marine related organizations. Some of these organizations include Hollywood Life Guard, Anne Kolb Nature Center, The Triton, Blue Water Books & Charts, IGFA, Outdoor World, Roscioli Yachting Center,and FAU's Sea Tech, just to name a few. In this unique course, students are given the opportunity to escape the crowded hallways and chaos of school for two hours at the end of the day and put their interests to work under a mentor in a marine-based business.